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Vaccinated people keep increasing in Germany. People that received the third dose can download their certificates on Corona-Warn-App and on CovPass.

To prevent the spread of Covid-19 and the fourth Covid wave, the population is resorting to the third dose of vaccination. The latter guarantees a higher protection against the virus, and it also highly reduces the risk of hospitalisation helping the healthcare system, especially after the appearance of the Omikron variant.

As soon as receiving the third dose, the vaccinated person will receive a form with a linked QR Code to be scanned on either of the two apps: Corona-Warn-App or CovPass. If using Corona-Warn-App it is necessary to click “scan” and keep the mobile phone over the QR Code until the new “3/3 Booster” certificate appears. In case of people vaccinated with the one dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine, the certificate will appear as “2/2 Booster”.

For the CovPass app the proof of vaccination can be obtained as fast. It is necessary to click and open the digital vaccination record to then scan the QR Code. The new certificate will then be downloaded and be ready to show when needed.

In case the QR Code will not be issued immediately, it is possible to ask for it in a pharmacy after showing the vaccination certificate and an ID.