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If you have not completed your tax return for the previous year, you should save the new submission deadline. Be careful, you do not have much time left.

The submission deadline is November 1st 2021, November 2nd if your Federal State celebrates All Saints Holiday on the first day of November. If you hire a tax advisor you will have time until May 31st 2022. As previously discussed, the deadline for the 2020 tax return was postponed as a result of the Covid-19 crisis, in fact the original deadline was July 31st 2021.

What happens if you miss the tax return deadline? Well, we recommend you do not miss that, but if you do, you will get a surcharge. This is generally 0.25 percent of the tax still to be paid for each month of delay. The minimum amount is 25 euros surcharge per month.

What happens if one does not submit the tax return at all? As a rule, the taxpayer first receives a threat of financial penalties by post with a final deadline for submitting the tax return. If the tax return is submitted within this period, the penalty payment will not be set.
If a tax return is not submitted even after the penalty payment has been levied, the tax office will estimate the taxable amount of the taxpayer and issue a corresponding tax assessment.