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Are you packing your stuff to move to Germany or to go to another country but cannot decide what to bring with you and what to give up? Well, you are not the only one. As an expat who has lived in 5 different countries I do not always manage to pack all my belongings in my suitcases. Keep reading to find out how I do!

Many times, before moving I have donated items I liked, with emotional attachment or items that I still needed, just because they did not fit my suitcases. I ended up regretting what I had done and having to buy some of those things again. I have now learnt that I can simply send everything I want thanks to shipping services.

When travelling shorter or longer distances it is definitely possible to take all your luggage with you, but if the amount is large and not all your suitcases have four rotating wheels it can become a nightmare, furthermore it can be extremely expensive. It is much handier and lighter to bring essential items with you in one, maximum two suitcases and to entrust the rest to DHL, Hermes, Deusche Bahn luggage service or any other you find reliable and convenient for your case.

Most companies collect your boxes or suitcases from your old address and deliver them to the new one. You can choose day and time you want them to do this, allow them between 5 and 20 working days, depending on the distance of the transfer. Some of them even provide you with premium boxes for free.

Among the three companies mentioned above Hermes and DHL are the ones that allow the largest and heaviest boxes, in fact they can weigh up to 31.5 kg each. Furthermore, with Hermes you can ensure your shipment for even up to 1000 euros. If instead, you do not want to lose track of your shipment, Deutsche Bahn is the best for you.