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Severely disabled employees often receive special legal protection. Among the benefits they have, they are entitled to additional paid leave.

What disabilities are recognised as severe? All physical, mental or emotional impairment of a degree of disability of at least 50. If the employee’s degree of disability is lower, he or she is generally not entitled to additional leave.

The holiday entitlement in the case of severe disability is regulated in accordance with Section 208 of Book IX of the German social code. It consists of five additional days per year for a five-day week job, six additional days for a six-day job or four additional days for a four-day week job. In the case of part-time work, the distribution of working hours over the days of the week is decisive for the duration of the additional leave.The company is responsible to decide whether to agree with this recommendation or to provide longer leave.

For the transferability of the additional vacation to the next calendar year as well as for the expiry of the vacation, the usual vacation regulations apply . The right to additional leave must therefore be submitted to the employer by the employee in good time before the end of the year.