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Since the number of Covid-19 cases in Germany is increasing, what should you do if you receive a warning of possible infection from the Corona-Warn-App?

Receiving a warning of possible infection from the Corona-Warn-App does not necessarily mean that you have been infected. It only means that for at least 10 minutes you have been near a phone belonging to someone who tested positive for Covid-19. If you receive a notification, you need to go back home and self-isolate from your family or roommates, even if you don’t have any symptoms. You should contact one of the official Covid test centers to book a PCR test and you need to keep self-isolating until you get the test result, because also vaccinated and recovered people can develop symptoms and spread the virus. People who received the booster do not need to quarantine if they receive a red warning, but it’s recommended that they get a PCR or antigen test nonetheless (they are free if you got the warning from the app).

When you contact one of the official Covid test centers you should mention the app warning. You will receive the test result in the following 48 hours. If the test is negative, quarantine can be ended and you can go back to work immediately. If the test is positive, you can get another test after 7 days, but quarantine can last up to 14 days depending on the variant, the vaccination and recovery status. The app will automatically turn green 15 days after the contact with the positive person.