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The flat-rate energy allowance decided by the government, amounting to 300 euros, will be paid out in September. However, there are still many questions for parents who have an employee contract, especially if they are on parental leave.
How families are going to get the aid?

The flat-rate energy allowance will soon arrive. With the 1st of September 2022, all workers will receive a one-off allowance of 300 euros. This should help to overcome the crisis after the war in Ukraine.
For people that work with the contract, there are no doubt about it: the money will simply be paid with their payroll of September.
First time parents, that are employed, still have many questions.
In this text, we want to clarify and answer questions about the energy allowance and parental leave.

Parental leave and energy allowance: what you need to know
In general, people on parental leave have the right to recive the energy allowance starting with the 1st of September 2022. According to the Ministry of Finance, mothers and fathers should receive the money from their employer.
To receive it, parents have to prove to their employer that they have received the parental allowance.
Those who do not receive the energy allowance from their employer in their payroll can receive the money through next year’s tax declaration. This will be the case for people on parental leave whose employment will be suspended in September 2022.

300 euros and parental leave: examples
Mothers and fathers on parental leave will therefore receive the €300 energy allowance. The only questions are, how and when.
Here are three examples to explain these aspects:

Example 1
A woman works for a company and gives birth before the 1st of September 2022. She therefore worked regularly until she went on maternity leave and then on parental leave. In September 2022, however, this woman does not return to work and her employment contrat is terminated. In this case, the mother must receive the energy allowance through her tax return covering fiscal year 2022 .

Example 2
A father is on parental leave in the first half of the year and starts working regularly again from September 2022. Parental leave allows the father to stay at home for the chosen period, without losing his job.
If the father receives a payroll for September 2022, then the flat-rate energy allowance must be included in it.
For the period of parental leave, the employer may ask the father for a certificate from the Elterngeldstelle (Office for the Payment of Parental Allowance) that the parental allowance has been paid.

Example 3
A mother is on parental leave for the whole 2022. The mother decides to take parental leave for 12 months, choosing stay at home. The parental allowance will be paid directly by the state. In this case, in order to receive the flat-rate energy allowance, the mother will have to request it through her tax return covering fiscal year 2022.