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Not only the Überbrückungshilfe III Plus, but also the Neustarthilfe Plus has been extended for the months of October until December of the current year. This will bring joy to employers and employees of many sectors and will improve the general well-being of the German population.

The Neustathilfe Plus (Restart Help Plus) supports solo self-employed, non-permanent and short-term employees with up to 4,500 euros and corporations and cooperatives with up to 18,000 euros.

The Neustarthilfe Plus primarily supports those people whose economic activity is restricted due to the pandemic in the funding period from 1 July to 30 September 2021. This is intended to secure their economic existence.

To apply for restart help, you must show that you:
are self-employed, i.e. work freelance or operate a business on your own
exercise your self-employment as your main occupation
employ a maximum of one part-time worker
are registered with a German tax office
have not used bridging aid III (Überbrückungshilfe III)
were already self-employed before November, 1st 2020.
Natural persons can apply using the ELSTER certificate or through an auditing third party (e.g. tax consultants, lawyers, tax representatives, Auditors, sworn accountants).
A cooperative is eligible to apply if it:
generates the vast majority of their turnover (at least 51 per cent) from activities that a natural person would consider to be a freelance or commercial activity,
at least one member works for the cooperative for at least 20 contractually agreed working hours per week
it employs a maximum of one part-time employee (non-members; employed members do not count) and has a total of less than ten full-time employees (non-members and members).
Corporations and cooperatives apply for restart assistance with the help of an auditing third party. The examining third party submits an application for the corporation or cooperative on behalf of the corporation or cooperative. The applicant and recipient of the restart aid is the company or cooperative.