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Moving to a new country always requires a lot of effort, great organizational skills, money, filling out documents and a lot of stress. As if all this was not enough, linguistic difficulties sum up! The Germans themselves say so, “Deutsche Sprache, schwere Sprache”.

Fortunately, there are various companies that offer support services precisely for those who have decided to change their lives by moving to Germany, and they do so in the languages ​​of the largest minorities in the country, including Italian, Spanish, Arabic, Turkish, Russian and if they do not speak your language, they offer services in English.
The first steps to be taken, which are fundamental for one’s insertion into the labor market and social security, concern the sectors of everyday life: residence, health insurance, opening a bank account and work.

The personal data registration, “Anmeldung” in German, is the first essential document for all subsequent steps, as it is required if you want to start any kind of paperwork. The Anmeldung, with which the expat communicates his transfer to a city hall, must be carried out within 90 days of arrival in Germany, but if you are moving because you already have a job, this is mandatory since immediately. It should be noted that the form to be completed and the registration appointment will be in German, so it is advisable to rely on support services with interpreters.

Once the practice of Anmeldung is finished, we need to think about health coverage. The German national health system is not completely public, but dual, i.e. it provides for the choice between public or statutory health insurance funds (gesetzliche Krankenkasse) and private health insurance funds (private Krankenkasse). Citizens of the European Union are also obliged to have German insurance from the moment of registering their residence, especially if you are an employee.

If you are in Germany looking for job opportunities, but you don’t have a current account, the situation becomes quite complicated. At the beginning, to support everyday expenses, you could also withdraw cash from the current account of the country of origin from any branch, but the commission costs are very high. For this reason it is always advisable to open a current account, which becomes mandatory in the case of signing an employment contract. Also in this case, the help of a company that helps us understand which account is right for us and that helps us understand all the details of the contract is essential.

After these three steps, you have what it takes to live and work in Germany.