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For one reason or another, there are many expats who, after short or long periods of stay in Germany, decide to (or are obliged to) go home, to their place of origin, or even move to a different country.

If the transfer is final, you can’t just walk away and leave everything to chance, but there are several steps to take in order to close all open paperwork. This will avoid you having problems with public and private entities in the future.
Here is a list of what to do:

• provide for the closure of all domestic users;
• terminate any telephone and internet contracts;
• close up the bank account;
• close up health insurance;
• change the registration of your vehicles (if purchased in Germany);
• indicate the new transfer address.

Just as on arrival in Germany you have to register your residence through the Anmeldung, when you leave the country you have to cancel your registration through the Abmeldung. It not only allows you to cancel the registration itself but also to deal with the practices listed above and suspend payments.

Unsubscribing can be done in person, by post or by email, by submitting the appropriate form, and has no cost. It is possible to do this between seven days before and 14 days after departure.

In this case, as well as for the Anmeldung, there are various companies that offer support services for those who have decided to leave Germany. They offer them in the languages ​​of the largest minorities in the country, including Italian, Spanish, Arabic, Turkish, Russian and if they don’t speak your language, they provide services in English.