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Going ahead with the series of private insurances, we bring one that is little known: the legal protection insurance supports you financially in asserting your claims in court, however, it does not pay for every legal dispute.

This insurance is recommended to all those who…:
• want to protect themselves in legal disputes with their employer in the event that he issues a negative job reference, issues a warning or threatens to dismiss;
• drive a road vehicle
• open a dispute with their landlord about cosmetic repairs, rent increases and utility bills.

The insurance is also available in packages according to your needs and it offers options such as “traffic” or “private and professional”. Be careful, however, that if you are involved in a legal dispute before signing the contract, you will receive no insurance cover, also considering that most insurers require a waiting period of three months from the start of the contract to be able act.

What does the legal protection insurance it pay for? It pays for fees of the lawyers and costs of the court, compensation for witnesses and bailiff, but also travel expenses up to the amount of the agreed sum insured. If, however, the insurer is of the opinion that the legal dispute will be unsuccessful, it can refuse to take over the insurance cover.

Check carefully whether you need legal protection insurance: Ask yourself whether you fear disputes in the areas covered by a legal protection policy and, if necessary, get offers from various insurance companies.