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According to the BMELV (Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection) the nutrition plan for the first year of life of a baby is divided in three age groups based on nutritional and developmental physiology.

Months 1 to 4
In the first four months of life, the baby does not need anything but breast milk, which contains everything necessary for growth and development. Children at risk of allergies should be fully breastfed up to month 4.

Months 5 to 7
If earlier additional food was not necessary, now the baby can be fed with the so-called complementary foods, e.g. porridge. In fact, milk alone is not sufficient anymore. Moreover, it is essential that the baby learns to eat from the spoon, rather than sucking only.

From month 10
This is when babies usually have a few teeth. The food no longer needs to be finely pureed because the little one is able to crush solid foods with teeth and jaws.
Although at this age infants can eat a great deal of different foods and acquire various nutrients, it is still essential that they are fed milk with infant formula rather than whole milk. Pay attention to raw milk, this poses infants at health risk.
It is also beneficial to include the infants during the family meals, especially by feeding them with fruit, vegetables, potatoes, bread and meat, which must be at least crushed.

Other tips
During the first year of life every infant needs vitamin K, vitamin D and fluoride. Consult your pediatrician for the dosis.
The more solid the food, the more liquids your child needs to drink. Inquire about the quality of the tap water at the responsible waterworks. Carbonated mineral water causes flatulence, particularly in kids. Not only water, but also unsweetened teas and infusions are beneficial for hydration.
Foods and drinks containing sugar can lead to serious tooth damage.
Always use salt sparingly and avoid spicy seasoning.
avoid foods that are high to digest, are high in fat and produce flatulence.
Do not feed your baby with hard, small foods such as nuts as they may choke your infant.