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What is the ‘Hausratversicherung’ and what is it useful for? In few words, it is a non-mandatory (but highly recommended) household contents insurance, that results being convenient in case of fires, explosions, water damages (including storm and hail), vandalism and even break-ins.

If you have already read our article on ‘Private liability insurance’ you may already be aware that basic, mandatory insurances, in any field, only cover basic negligence, but sometimes, paying little extras for a private insurance could eventually save you millions!

Many landlords happen to make the Hausratversicherung a ‘decision’ for their tenants, so pay attention when you sign rental agreements in Germany because such decision which is in fact an obligation is against the law: the rent deposit is already a protection for the landlord. Hausratversicherung also covers possible follow-up costs after the catastrophic events mentioned above. These concern cleaning, moving, hotel, transport, guarding and repair costs among others.

If you, however, already rent a place where this insurance is not your choice, it may become handy for you the fact that it includes not only furnishings and appliances of the house, but also some of your personal belongings, such as scooter, bike jewelry, clothing and collections. Ultimately, the decision as to whether or not to take out household contents insurance remains with the tenant alone. Depending on the extent to which the tenant has their own household items, the insurance is more or less worthwhile.

Be careful to damage to the building and fixed furnishing in your rented apartment, because they are not covered. This means, for example, damage to walls, window panes, doors, parquet and carpet. Such damage is insured by the Haftpflichtversicherung (private liability insurance). As for damage caused by natural events, find out what your insurance can cover and reimburse because some climatic events defined as ‘natural disasters’ are not paid for.

What are the costs of insurance on the contents of the house? The costs are different depending on the options and extras you choose. For example: if you live in an apartment of about 80 square meters and you believe you have objects in the house that have a minimum value of 650 euros per square meter of living space, the cost of the Hausratversicherung tends to be around 100 euros per year. You can estimate the amount yourself or get advice from the insurer.