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In our last article, we explained what homeworking is, the different kinds, some requirements to make it possible and the main advantages and disadvantages. Today we deal with insurance for those who work from home. In what ways are people who work in their own homeoffice insured? To what extent can insurance protect homeworkers?

The Works Council Modernization Act, issued on June 18th 2021 brings important changes in accident insurance coverage: it states that if the work activity is carried out in the household of the worker or at another location, there is insurance coverage at the same extent as when the activity is carried out on the company premises, provided, of course, that the worker is insured by the company, which is a legal requirement.

What is more, according to this new regulation, accident insurance cover is also extended to those people who work from home and who must travel outside because of other routine commitments, for example the care of their children. The previous regulation, instead, only insured worker’s daily commute to work.