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Vacation is an essential time for the workers, as it helps them relax. For this reason, the Federal Holiday Act (Bundesurlaubsgesetz) regulates the minimum paid holiday amount that employees must be granted. There are special regulations for certain groups of people; you may be in one of them.

Not only full-time workers, but also part-time workers, mini-jobbers and seasonal workers are entitled to paid holiday. Those who work five days a week, Monday to Friday, are entitled 20 days statutory leave a year, whereas those who work full-time including Saturdays have 4 extra vacation days. Who works part-time or casually has the right to paid leave according to the amount of hours of work and how these are distributed within the week.

When starting a job in a new company, many employees are subject to a probation period, sometimes shorter, sometimes longer. No matter how long this is, employees may apply for leave. However, workers only have full entitlement to paid vacation after they have been with that company for six months. Before that, they are only entitled to partial leave.

If you change employment and have already taken more than your monthly agreed vacation with the old employer, the vacation entitlement must be reduced in relation to the statutory minimum vacation with the new employer. Of course, with your new employer, you are entitled to your leave if you have not utilised holidays available to you with the old one.