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Whether in the school canteen, the hospital kitchen or the university cafeteria – the plant-based cuisine offers a wide range of options for healthy, balanced and delicious nutrition.

Whether for health, animal welfare or environmental reasons – more and more people are choosing a vegetarian or vegan diet. And the figures clearly show that it is above all the younger generation who grapple with the ethical and environmental consequences of their eating habits. Lunch also plays a major role in schools because it contributes significantly to eating habits and thus also to the health development of children and adolescents.

The earlier healthy eating habits are learned, the higher the chance that they will be maintained and implemented in the long term. Many schools do not adhere to the German Nutrition Society (DGE) quality standard. It is especially important for children that they are supplied with all the nutrients. In Germany there are currently 8.4 million schoolchildren, 3 million of whom attend all-day classes with mandatory lunch provision. You need a good supply of all important nutrients for your physical and mental development as well as to strengthen your immune system.

It is therefore recommended that schools and day-care centers follow the quality standards of the DGE. According to this, there should be a maximum of 2 meat dishes per week in schools, for example. Unfortunately, the reality is often different: the menus still contain too few vegetables and too much meat.