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The federal government approved a 200 euro one-off payment for recipients of the Hartz IV welfare benefit to cope with the general price surge.

This type of economic benefit it’s designed for the unemployed and grants a minimum economic income to meet the living expenses of applicants. it cannot be used for housing and heating costs, for which there is another type of statal aid benefit

What is Hartz IV?
Known also as Arbeitslosengeld II (ALG II), not to be confused with Arbeitslosengeld I which is the unemployment benefit one can receive after being laid off. In order to be eligible for the Hartz IV benefit certain conditions must be fulfilled. The first of which is that you must prove that you are actively seeking employment. You must then register at a Jobcentre that will help you in your pursuit and here you will be assigned a tutor that is going to assist you. At this link you can consult the list of Jobcentres in Germany. Upon going to the Jobcentre, you will be asked to fill out a number of forms to make an application for the Hartz IV subsidy. These forms can also be found on the webpage of the employment agency Agentur für Arbeit, which you can find at this address.

What has changed?
The cost of all living expenses has risen considerably in Germany due to the pandemic, with inflation now at 7,4%. However, the Hartz IV welfare benefit had not been increased, leaving the recipients of the benefit in a worrying economic predicament. The federal Government passed a law on April the 27th approving a one-off payment of 100 euros to be added to the money received monthly by the recipients of the benefit. Unexpectedly the government has raised this extraordinary aid to 200 euros to better help the citizens afflicted by these years of economic crisis.

When can we expect the money to arrive?
The Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs assured the bonus will come by July 2022. However, no exact date has been given and it will be necessary to wait for the government to announce when it will be possible to receive this additional financial aid.