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Germany is considered to be a stable land of opportunity, with a strong economy and democracy. World citizens are interested in obtaining a visa for Germany. No matter how long you stay, acquiring a visa for Germany is the first and perhaps the biggest hurdle to face.

EU citizens don’t need any permits to enter and stay in Germany, while citizens of “entry-visa-free countries” do not need any visa to enter Germany for a short stay, but they will need to apply for it in the case of a long stay, when they are already settled in Germany. People from any other country will need to apply from abroad before their trip to Germany and they will have to find a language course, university spot or a job completely remotely.

There are several conditions to be fulfilled, the first step consists in filling out a form that will be different according to the visa and which requires very precise information that you will have to provide to the German state. You must have a valid passport which has to comply with the validity rules of the German authorities. It has to be valid for the entire period of your stay with 3 months in addition. Additional requirements are adequate health coverage, financial security, and a valid reason for moving to Germany.

The visa is different depending on the purpose of stay: student & language course visa, work visa, job seeker visa, freelance visa, family reunion visa. Guest scientists visa, internship visa and business visa.

The very first thing to do is to prepare the required documentation. Then you will need to schedule an appointment which will be communicated in a letter to bring with you to enter the building the day of the meeting. After payment for your application you will receive confirmation with details and then the visa from the consulate.

If you have entered Germany without the necessity of a visa but you will stay for a long time, you need to schedule an appointment to register your residence (Anmeldung) at your local immigration office. Make sure you have all the documents in original and copies. It is also recommended to bring a german-speaking friend and some cash too. It takes 10-15 minutes and within 3-10 weeks you will receive an email or phone call confirming or denying your visa approval.