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Do you live in Germany? The new Global Happiness Report conducted by the UN shows you have good reasons to consider yourself lucky!

According to the report from March 2021 Germans tend to be more cheerful and optimistic during the ongoing pandemic than they were before. Those traits seem not to have faltered even at the face of the global issue. One can even speak of an increase in the general positivity. It takes Germany all the way to the top 10 on the global happiness rankings.

The report took into consideration different factors influencing our emotional well-being and the changes brought about by the pandemic. It turns out that the reaction of the German government and the actions taken to stave off the economical downfall lead to the sudden increase in happiness rankings with Germany jumping from no 17 to no 7.

The country is thought to be one of the most desirable places to live, ranking in the top 20 amongst countries like Denmark, Japan and Australia. Berlin and Munich are rated as two of the most beloved cities, both of them landing high on international lists.

The pandemic has also changed our standards and what we look for in our ideal life’s locations. Besides the ever present criteria such as the accessibility, crime rate, predominant architecture, the country’s health services, and so on, one can now find more importance brought to points like the economic climate, gastronomy, and retail trade.