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Many health insurance companies reimburse the costs of nutritional consults with experts, like nutritionists and dietologists, as these are recognised as preventive health care. It goes without saying that you should check with your insurance company beforehand whether the costs will be reimbursed.

It is not true that nutritional advice is only reimbursed to those who are dietistically sick. Fortunately, food is considered vital to prevent sickness, therefore it may be more convenient for your insurance to avoid you getting sick if you consult an expert first, instead of having to face higher costs if you contract a disease.

The insured often has a choice: either consult expert(s) the insurance company suggests or find their own. However, the freely selected experts must also meet the companies’ quality criteria.

Some health insurances, instead, subsidize preventive nutritional advice in a different way. As a rule, the insured persons can book one check per health category from the preventive program once a year. In addition to nutrition, this usually also includes categories such as exercise and relaxation, or special offers such as smoking cessation.

When it comes to patients with illnesses caused by or influenced by the diet, such as diabetes, metabolic disorders, allergies and osteoporosis, there is a fundamental right on advice. It is critical that this need of advice is prescribed by a doctor. In this case too, the amount of the costs is handled differently based on the insurance chosen.