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Berlin is among the most vegan-friendly cities in the world and its university canteens, upon request of the students themselves, join the sustainable and cruelty-free movement. In fact, the novelty is that these will serve almost exclusively vegan and vegetarian dishes.

In Germany, especially in many of Berlin’s cafes and restaurants, it has been possible for more than 10 years to order vegan dishes based on local, seasonal and fresh ingredients. The green change is almost a fashion, but still a right cause and students are more determined than ever to defend climate and animals.

Although for the more traditional Germans sausages, cold cuts and cheeses are daily on the table during all three main meals, young people are determined to fight the climate crisis and they do so starting from food choices. Meat and fish will make up only 4% of the dishes served in the canteens and will come strictly from sustainable agriculture and fishing.

Among the universities in Berlin committed to fighting the climate crisis stand out the Humboldt Universität, which has set itself the goal of achieving climate neutrality by 2030, and the Technische Universität, which aims to do the same by 2045. Objective, they intend to achieve also through the renovation, in an eco-sustainable key, of university buildings.

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