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People with a disability level of 50 or higher are considered severely disabled and can apply for a severely disabled identification pass at the Social Security office (Versorgungsamt) by filling out a form, downloading an application, or applying online.

Applications for the pass are different from state to state, but the pass is valid throughout the country. Due to their condition, people who suffer from severe disabilities have a difficult life. Disability document gives access to tax benefits, cheap tickets to museums, transportation, swimming pools and protection against dismissal. However, the card does not allow you to park in a disabled parking place, in that case you will have to apply for a “special parking pass”.

The disabled identification pass is a green or orange-green plastic card, it has a letter corresponding to a specific disability and a note in English and Braille. It is valid for five years, but in case of irreversible illness it can be unlimited. It is possible to extend the validity period twice, and then you must change the document. It is important to notify any changes in your condition so that your pass can be redefined.

In case of loss, a substitute document will be provided. In the event of a stay abroad, it is also possible to obtain a multilingual certificate which will certify that the holder is disabled in accordance with German law.