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The EU countries and the EU Parliament recently agreed on a digital certificate that can prove Covid-19 vaccination, tests and survived diseases as a more complete and practical addition to the yellow vaccination booklet.

It looks like Germany is pleasantly getting more and more digital. After the news about the digital ID, here comes a new one about the digital Covid-19 vaccination certificate. Anyone who has received all the necessary doses is now able to obtain the digital proof in addition to the paper format one.

The Federal Association of German Pharmacists has announced that starting on Monday, June 14th 2021 many pharmacies will be able to issue the digital proof of a complete vaccination certificate. If you download the “CovPass App”, all you need to do to is showing the QR code the app provides you with, whenever you need it. Those who scan it, will have access to your name, surname, date of birth, vaccine, products, dose number, total doses, vaccination date, country and issuer of the certificate as well as an individual identification number. If you have already been fully vaccinated, you can simply go to the pharmacy, taking proof of the vaccination with you, and they will digitally certify everything.

The “CovPass App” in the future will not only display the Covid-19 vaccination certificate, but also evidence of recovery from a corona infection and the results of your corona tests.
All this should make travelling and access to other services easier, however, bear in mind that the yellow vaccination booklet can still be used. Furthermore, if you have already downloaded the “CoronaWarn-App”, you will have the possibility to register the vaccine here too (in the same way) without having to download the “CovPass App”.

Does the way your data is stored scare you? Be reassured that a central database of all vaccinated people does not exist. The companies responsible for technical implementation regarding the vaccine delete all personal data immediately as soon as the certificate is created, this means that it will only be stored in your mobile device.