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The Pandemic has shocked the job industry. New rules introduced to combat the spread of the virus challenge workers.

Until March 19, the 3G rule will apply across Germany. This means that employees will only be able to enter their workplace if they are vaccinated, recovered, or test negative. The employer may consider firing the employee if he/she refuses to produce any of the aforementioned proofs. These are obviously drastic measures, as the employer must send a warning letter before the employment contract can be terminated.

With 3G, smart working has also been reintroduced, employers must offer employees the opportunity to work from home unless this is not compatible with the type of work they have to do. If you can work from home, you will not be asked for proof of 3G. The employer must be able to evaluate each situation: employees, especially those who are long-term employees and have never received a warning, may argue against being fired.

However, employees who do not show proof of 3G will have their salary stopped without warning. But you can’t suspend your salary if the work can be done from home. Anyone who receives a notice of termination must act quickly because you only have three weeks from the date you receive the letter to sue for unfair dismissal. After this time, your job and unemployment benefits will be lost forever. It is strongly recommended to register with an employment office immediately to receive unemployment benefits.