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Due to the progressive getting worse of the epidemiological situation in Germany, the federal governments have decided to adopt drastic measures to contain the spread of the virus, these affect mainly the unvaccinated.

Vaccine administration staff has been greatly expanded. Medical doctors, pharmacists, and nursing staff will be able to vaccinate and delegate, and soon dentists will be vaccinators. In addition, employees in hospitals and in nursing homes will be required to vaccinate. By February 2022, the Bundestag will decide on mandatory vaccination. Those who choose not to receive the booster inoculation will not maintain vaccinated status. and it is still discussed throughout Europe about the validity of the status of vaccinated considering the date of the last vaccine received (the proposal is to give a duration of 9 months from the last dose of vaccine received).

Access to cinemas, theaters, restaurants is required to have a certificate of vaccination (showable via App or in print so you can scan a QR-code) and an additional test (2G+) may also be required. Supermarkets, pharmacies and grocery stores will be accessible by wearing only a face mask. In indoor spaces the limit capacity will be 5,000 people, while outdoors 15,000. In both cases wearing a mask is mandatory in addition to 2G or 2G+. Discos and clubs will close in areas with high infection rates (rate of infections in the past 7 days higher than 350). Moreover, in case you are not part of the “vaccinated or recovered persons who are medically exempt from getting the vaccine” family reunions during the Christmas holiday will have to be limited to close relatives and a maximum of two people from another family. To avoid crowds, fireworks are prohibited on New Year’s Eve.

Please note that these are the guidelines established by the central government, to which additional decisions made independently by the governments of each “region” (Land) could be added.