Living together. Living better.

The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs is promoting a new program “Our work, our diversity. Initiative on enterprise democracy” with the aim of supporting parity and equal treatment of workers.

The program aims to protect the labor world at a time of great upheaval. The covid-19 pandemic has been part of our lives for almost two years and it’s bringing many changes. In such challenging times the danger is that conspiracy theories, racism and extremism are more likely to emerge, and companies need to tackle these issues.

The program is run by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees in cooperation with the trade unions. It comprises 35 projects that are supported by various social initiatives and will last for three years. The goal is to reinforce the world of work and human resources by providing tools to small and medium-sized companies through training courses and events to combat inequality and misinformation, to face the future with a democratic perspective, promoting workplace security, respect for others and cooperation among workers.