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There are few days left to file the 2020 tax return. For millions of German residents, billing with the tax office is even more complicated than usual due to the pandemic. So, be careful not to make any serious mistake that can cost you a fortune. Here are the five most common ones.

Ignoring the tax
The most expensive mistake is not to make a statement at all. Anyone who received unemployment or insolvency benefits in 2020, sick pay or childcare benefits must assess their tax return. This also means many more people than usual will assess their tax returns.

Forgetting expenses
Countless tenants and owners regularly fail to state their costs for maintenance and other household-related services. This causes a great loss of money for them!

Not calculating the home office flat rate
Those who benefit from the new flat rate, which covers costs up to 600 euros per year, do not automatically have advantages. The shorter the commute to work and the less often they have to show up at the office in 2020, the less chance the flat rate will be repaid. On the other hand, there is an advantage for all those who have a long daily commute to work, have spent a lot of time at work in 2020, or have incurred a lot of business expenses: exceeded the threshold of 1000 euros for reimbursement, you begin to have a real gain.

Health care costs
Treatments by doctors, alternative practitioners, physiotherapists and speech therapists are tax-deductible. The same applies to medication, nursing homes, operations, cures, glasses, hearing aids and wheelchairs. But, pay attention: the tax authorities only help if a reasonable personal contribution is exceeded. How high the limit is for each individual depends on income, marital status and the number of children.

Not updating old bank details
If you have changed bank, got divorced or simply updated your old bank account, you must change your details on your tax return documents. Otherwise, you will be subject to delay or not having your taxes returned at all. Always double-check all your data before submitting your tax return.