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Are you about to be unemployed or are you already? Here’s a brief guide on how to obtain unemployment’s subsidy without incurring any fine.

The first step if you are still employed but you already know that your work contract is about to end or if you already have been advised about your layoff is to register as Arbeitsuchend (person who is looking for a job). It is important to report this condition as soon as possible, about three months before the beginning of the unemployment period, because only in this way can you receive appropriate support. In case the dismissal happens unexpectedly and you have less than three months between the notice of dismissal and your last day of work, you have three days to register as Arbeitsuchend to your employment office. It is possible to register online or in person at your employment office, or to call the free number 0800 4555500. You will receive a suggested appointment for an in-office or phone consultation. The office will try to process the requests in an orderly manner following the arriving order and as fast as they can.

Once you become officially unemployed (Arbeitslos) you should register as unemployed at your employment office at least the first day without an occupation (phone, email or online registrations are not allowed). Registration is a fundamental requirement to obtain the unemployment’s subsidy and not incur in fines or in suspension of your subsidy. It is required to bring your ID card or passport with you with a valid registration’s address (Anmeldung).