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People in Berlin have now access to a mobile app, AnDi, that provides information and help on all aspects of discrimination and unequal treatment.

The application has a simple interface, it offers assistance in 15 languages and it can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store and Appstore. It is created by LADS (Landesstelle für Gleichbehandlung und gegen Diskriminierung), an office of the Berlin Senate Department of Justice for consumer protections and anti-discrimination.

The app asks the user to tell his/her experience of discrimitation through a wizard and then it’s able to find a proper advice center. The categories of discrimination are as follows: ethnic origin, skin colour or hair, antisemitism, language, gender, sexual orientation and gender identity, religion, disability, illness, age, social status. Depending on the category selected, several drop-down menus will be displayed and you will choose the desired help.

The app also allow to report discrimination, what you have experienced or seen and you wiill remain anonymus. You can also create a record of your personal experiences by recording or writing, and it will be personal, protected by a password and may be useful to authorities and advice centres in the future to offer you the best possible help.