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A 100 euro one-time bonus is coming to help families with childrens at easing the economic stress caused by the constant surge of living prices.

We’re at this point accustomed to the steady rise of energy and general living costs, and already a few times we covered this situation on our blog. All through Europe the general costs of living are climbing up with the steadiness of a thermometer on a warm summer day. The pandemic first and the war in Ukraine now, are seriously affecting the prices scales.

The German Government has deployed a series of aid packages to help its citizens. The 9 euro monthly ticket for all kinds of public and local transport, the other 100 euro bonus provided for HartzIv beneficiaries, the discount on gasoline’s prices acted by the Finance Minister and flat-rates prices for energy bills are all part of the Government’s efforts to provide support for the population.

Now, another 100 euro one-time bonus is coming for single parents and families to meet their child-related expenses.

How to get the bonus, who can apply for it and when it’s due?
You will not need to makerequest for the bonus: the bonus will be deposited straight to the correspondent bank account by the office who’s responsible for child benefit and family allowance. You can also receive the bonus for adopted children and even foster children. It goes without saying that this welfare measure is designed for low income families and for those who are in a difficult economic situation. If your salary, or the one of your family, is not regarded as such you won’t be eligible for the bonus.

The government says it is confident that the first round of bonus will arrive in July. If you already receive state financial aid for your children, the 100 euro  bonus for childrens will then be added to your July allowance for child support.

Clickin on this link you can redirected to a page where you can learn more on the type of child support existing in Germany.